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COVID-19 pandemic
widens inequality
in society...

The new coronavirus has been spreading rapidly around the world since around 2020 and is
still raging. The epidemic of this virus has changed the global circumstances. More than a year has passed since the epidemic and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still
unceasing, with people wearing non-woven masks and refraining from going out.

The impact on the economy is particularly serious. Due to the spread of the virus, the global unemployment rate has increased to 6.5% in 2020. This was an increase of 1.1% from the previous year, and the worst situation ever in the 2000s. On the other hand, some people and industries have benefited from the pandemic. Typical sectors include the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the information and communications industry, and the gaming industry.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a mixture of those who lose and those who gain. As a result, there are concerns about widening disparities in the economy, employment, and education.

In the asian financial crisis in 2008 , it took about two years for the stock market to recover to its pre-crisis level. Some believe that the recession caused by the coronavirus shock is
comparable to the financial crisis of 2008 and that the gap will continue to widen for some
time after the coronavirus goes away.
There is now a need for measures to correct this polarized structure.

BTEC corrects
polarization of
social structure

BTEC is a project that aims to correct the economic and educational disparities that are widening in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BTEC token economy will create jobs and redistribute wealth through donations.
Through this system, we aim to alleviate the educational, economic, and employment disparities caused not only by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by the environment in which they were born.

BTEC is a scalable project. And we believe the growth of the project has the potential to make a difference. BTEC also has mechanisms in place to benefit its holders, such as staking fees and project voting rights.

The first phase of the project is to create a token economy that is linked to the Scholar Matching mechanism.

What is BTEC?

BTEC is the governance token of the Scholar Matching project.
The token uses the BEP20 standard and it has the following four notable features.

  • Donations
  • Staking
  • Project
  • Scalability

With those mechanisms embedded in the BTEC ecosystem, we believe it
will help reduce poverty and inequality.

Linking Scholar matching to BTEC

Scholar Match

Scholar Matching is a platform that matches "sponsors" (funders) and "players" of the game.
In the first phase, BTEC will build an ecosystem in conjunction with the Scholar Matching project.
The revenue from Scholar Matching will be distributed to each pool in a predefined proportion through the BTEC ecosystem.
The Scholar Matching project will also include a scholarship program at Axie Infinity.

The BTEC Ecosystem

20% of the total project revenue will go to Scholar Matching.
50% of the platform earnings goes to the operator and the remaining 50% (henceforth, we will refer this 50% as "revenue")
will be used to purchase BTECs and will be distributed as follows.

60% of the revenue will be stored in the Liquidity pool in the PancakeSwap as BTEC x BNB pairs (30% each).
The liquidity pool (LP) is a mechanism to guarantee the liquidity of the currency.
It is known as one of the mechanisms behind the AMM (automated market maker) system used by DEX (decentralized exchange).

DeFi is a generic term for a decentralized financial system that does not require centralized management.
28% of the revenue will be used for staking rewards in BTEC FINANCE.

10% of the revenue is transferred to the Contribution Pool, a unique BTEC mechanism that rewards scholars for their contributions to the project. The BTEC pool is used to reward scholars for their efforts in training other scholars and providing expertise.
The Donation Pool is a mechanism to support social contribution activities undertaken by BTEC projects. 2% of the BTEC revenue is transferred to the Donation Pool, which is ultimately donated to help alleviate poverty and inequality. Donation recipients will be determined through consultation with BTEC holders.

Note: The revenue shown in the above figure is the portion of the platform's revenue that excludes the management's share (BTEC redemption).


People who stake BTEC of the BTEC x BNB pair in LP tokens to the Farming Pool will be able to get reward in BTEC.
We will continue to provide new revenue mechanisms in the future.

Project Voting Rights

The percentage of BTECs owned is the percentage of investment in the platform. In other words, those who hold the most BTECs will have the most power to make decisions about the platform's structure and protocols.

The BTEC holders can participate in the following decisions.

  • Important issues
    of the
    BTEC project
  • Selection of
  • Token economy of
    the new project


The BTEC project plans to have the ecosystem fully operational in the fourth quarter of 2021.
And it aims to scale up to 400 scholars in the first quarter of 2022 and 1000 scholars in the
second quarter of 2022.
The detailed roadmap of the project is as follows.

4th quarter of 2021(October - December)
  • BTEC Listing on Pancake Swap
  • BTEC-BNB pair on LP Farming Offering
  • Scholar Matching project test run (Axie Infinity)*100 scholars in operation
  • Start of BTEC Ecosystem
  • BTEC AirDrop
1st quarter of 2022(January - March)
  • Distribution of ranking rewards to scholars
  • Distribution of training rewards to trainers
  • Bounty Program
  • Operation of 400 scholars
2nd quarter of 2022(April - June)
  • BTEC Finance Premium NFT Issuance
  • New Project Launches
  • 1,000 scholars in operation
  • Sakura Guild starts recruiting scholars in Myanmar
  • Start "Play-for-fun" community with BTEC reward
3rd quarter of 2022(July - September)
  • Sakura Guild starts recruiting scholars in Japan
  • New Racing Horse game will be launched for 1,000 scholars
4th quarter of 2022(October - December)
  • New Racing Horse game will be launched for 3,000 scholars

BTEC for a world
economic inequality

BTECs have mechanisms to maintain liquidity and high stake compensation.
These mechanisms will greatly benefit BTEC holders.
On the other hand, the Scholar Matching and Donation schemes will contribute to employment growth and reduce inequality.

The next step for BTEC to increase its impact on society is to scale up.
By continuing to create new projects such as Scholar Matching, BTEC is
committed to realize a DAO that will eliminate economic disparities.